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Five Practical Projects that will Challenge you to Start Using Explaindio3 in a creative and effective way

Created by Anneke Camstra
Last updated 11/2016
What Will I Learn?
  • CREATE an intro and outro for Youtube Channel animations
  • BRAND yourself with original animations for Facebook and other Social Media
  • LEARN how to structure and make an ANIMATED invitation
  • UNDERSTAND how to make an animation from a voice-over
  • PLAN working with a client on an animation
  • BECOME confident in working in Explaindio 3
  • CREATE five animations for your online business
  • Have Explaindio 3, or considering buying it to make easy, affordable animation
Explaindio 3 is the most all-round and the most affordable animation software in 2016.
This course will help you  to further develop your skills , working with Explaindio 3 in a practical and useful way.
The program can work with
  • whiteboard animation
  • animated figures
  • live video
  • text animations
  • more than 1object animations at the same time
  • and even 3D animation
Five projects, learn the program by seeing me do it, and then do it yourself
The projects are
  • make a Youtube intro and Outro in Explaindio3
  • make a short animation to put on your facebook timeline and show the world you are animating
  • make an invitation animation with benefits and a call to action
  • make an animation for a client from a voice-over
  • make a creative animation, using the timeline of explaindio3 as a storyboard
Five new challenges to make animations for your own business!
Animation for Beginners (2): Explaindio3 Animation Projects, is the second part of an series of animation courses.
Animation for Beginners (1): Explaindio3 Animation Start, 5 projects in an affordable animation software
Animation for Beginners (3): Powtoon Animation Templates
Animation for Beginners (4): Add your Voice to Animation
Animation for Beginners (5): Outsourcing Animation on Budget 
Anneke Camstra is an experienced  teacher on Udemy with 13 courses.
7500 Students have enrolled in her animation classes.
The courses are based on Learning by Doing, the teacher challenges you to start making animations , and shows you in over the shoulder video’s how to do that.
No theory, just practice in a friendly and encouraging environment
ENROLL NOW and give yourself an easy start in becoming the go-to animator!
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners in Explaindio, People who bought Explaindio 1 or 2 but did not start, and experienced Explaindio 1 and 2 users, for an easy start in Explaindio 3

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